Kabelmetal Nexans

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We a Nigeria and Sub-Sahara most preferred cabling company

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More reasons to love landpagy

Get your essential integrations

Support for any device

Import content from web

Smart masking option

Reusable components

CSS variables checker


From wireframe to mockup in one click

Disable wireframe mode at any time to render your project as a high-fidelity mockup. Test different styles instantly with the power


Create rich, interactive prototypes.

If you and your team prefer to first sketch your ideas with pen and paper, Uizard can automatically transform them into customizable screens for your project.


Real-time collaboration

Collaborating with your team in Uizard is fast and easy. Simply share a link to your project and start designing interactive prototypes collaboratively straight from your web browser.

Integrate with your favorite apps

By combining Landpagy prototyping strength and your current design, agile and user testing tools, you’ll be able to rapidly build engaging prototypes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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